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Welcome to Boost the World – Pakistan International Foundation

"Education is the most powerful weapon, that you can use to change the World”

- Nelson Mandela

The foundation originally started under the name Grow Thrive Foundation in 2019 when we saw the children of Pottika working in the local brick factory every day from the ages of 3 and 4! It was a very heart breaking moment for us. We felt motivated to work for these children and help them in any way we could. So we decided to start the Grow Thrive Foundation which is now amalgamated into the “Boost the World” International Foundation. Education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation and can help break the cycles of poverty, social discrimination, disease and welfare dependency. That is why we are determined to provide free education and greater opportunity as well as personal, social and gender empowerment to these children and their families. We are currently supporting over 700 children and their families with healthcare, education and women empowerment projects  Having slowly established trust, co-operation and strong relationships with both the children and their families we are now realising how much more they require our support and assistance. Initially we were focused on providing some education in form of education equipment, teaching and an informal school. However now we are trying to provide essential nutrition for the children, welfare and medical services plus ways to assist in changing and improving the economic futures of the families through social enterprise projects and programmes for the future. 

However, it all comes back to the primary focus of education which will hopefully change the cycles and patterns of dependence and poverty and ripple out into the wider community. Our key goal is to establish a free school where the children can be educated without social or financial constraints, free to learn and grow without fear and have access to essential daily nutrition. Most importantly we want them to be able to create a brighter future within a safe and secure environment where they can learn to Grow and Thrive!

We would like to expand our activities in other remote areas of Pakistan, and with the help of God and your generosity, our Foundation will have an impact where others have not dared venture before.  We are just a drop in the ocean, but we will continually strive to change the lives of these people, especially the children. 

Thank you

"God doesn't require us to Succeed, He only requires that you Try"

.....Mother Teresa

My name is Humaira Waqas, I am a teacher by profession, and serving for the last 14 years in a Montessori. In addition to my career, I also run an organization called “Boost the World – Pakistan Foundation” for children and women who make bricks in a small city called Pattoki in Pakistan. My husband and I founded this Foundation in July 2019, when we saw that children as young as 3 years old were making bricks with their parents. We felt motivated to do something for them. Our Foundation is an NGO located in Pattoki Pakistan which benefits over 700 children and their families. We are helping them through welfare projects on education, healthcare and women empowerment.

We started work with one thing, to bring a change in the lives of the poor and impoverished by bringing health and education to their doorsteps.We are doing the change through education, because if this generation can get educated then automatically next generation will not do such a hard work of making bricks.

Today millions of children are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair they are fighting daily battles for their survival. Our objectives are to eradicate child labour, harassment, addiction, child abuse and criminal activities experienced by these vulnerable children.

Together we can help a child and bring hope to their lives, bring change and make it last.

Thank you.

Community Help "Boost the world- Pakistan Foundation” is supporting 700 children and their families through welfare projects on healthcare, education and women empowerment.

School & Education Through education we are providing a brighter future. Our vision is to build a school children can attend without fear, and receive free education in a beautiful, nourishing environment.

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