Give this school in Pakistan the best gift: security for the future


Learning for life

In the north east of Pakistan in a village called Pattoki, an important neighborhood school is threatened with closure if money is not raised to pay the teachers’ salaries and rent. The children are kept away from bonded child labor by providing them the opportunity to attend a free school. 

Can you help make a contribution that will literally contribute to ensuring that 87 children from poor families can be sure of an education next year instead of having to work in bonded labour everyday?


Security for the future

How it started

Humaira Waqas and her husband started a primary school in 2018 as volunteers to help keep street children, some as young as 4 years old, away from working in the local mud brick factory. Initially they tried to support a community of 300 families. However, it quickly became too much to support them all with their limited resources. It was decided in late 2019 to focus all the efforts and resources into establishing a permanent school and channeling all donations and fundraising towards educating the 87 children by creating a permanent school. 


Humaira wants nothing more than to offer children a bright and hopeful future. She has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to make that happen. Humaira gives all her money, time and knowledge to the upkeep of the school within her means, but more is needed, especially to meet the monthly building rent and salary of the teachers. The children are also fed once a day and all uniform and learning resources are provided free of charge.

From small school to own learning community

This small-scale school grew in the community with the support of BOOST into a real primary school for 87 girls and boys. Besides the surrounding areas being affected by natural disasters, the school has miraculously survived. We were able to purchase solar panels thanks to Bandall BV, which means that the energy costs have become lower per month. To be able to make an even greater impact on 300 children waiting to go to school, we want to buy our own land and build a sustainable learning community. Many of the families have no work, enough healthy food and water, many are living on the street, suffer with poor health and are trapped in a cycle of poverty.  Our plan is to provide work in the future within our own sustainable learning community.

Disaster looms

Only now there is a new challenge! Since Corona and the natural disasters, donors have stopped and the school is in danger of having to close. A minimum of 800 euros per month is needed to keep the school running. In addition to the salaries and rent of the building, we also want to collect money to buy our own estate, so that the school can continue to exist in a sustainable way and is no longer dependent on donors in the future.

We need rain barrels to collect rainwater, so that there is always clean drinking water, even during the dry periods. We also want to plant fruit trees so that the children can be provided with healthy food each day.

Do you want to join us and contribute to this school that was set up out of love for these underprivileged children so that they can learn, grow and create a more positive future?


kids to school


years payd salary teachers

years payd salary teachers

healthy food for the children


What is needed now

  • 300 euro per month for rent
  • 300 euro per month for salary teachers
  • 100 euro per month for materials
  • 100 euro per month for healthy food & drinks
  • A rainwater collection system

What is needed in 2023




health material



computerS, service, printing papers & Wifi

Library building

Salary teachers


What happened from 2020 and during Covid

Donors quit. Volunteers quit. Humaira had many struggles and she was going door to door teaching children in makeshift classrooms sitting on mats on the ground often outside, even at the height of COVID-19….. No matter the challenges, Humaira has always kept going and done her best to help these children off the streets, and out of the mud brick factories even during the epic floods of 2022 that devastated large parts of Pakistan.

Why is your help so important

A child who learns is a child with opportunities. Learn to read, write and count. Learn to enter into friendships, developing relationships, taking care of their body. What they learn on school is forever. With your donation we support the wonderful people who run this school. Together we can ensure that the school continues to thrive and we support 87 plus children receiving the education they deserve. Are you in? Any amount is welcome!

With your financial support, you will ensure good education in Pakistan together with us. You can arrange this in a tax-efficient way by opting for a tax-free gift.


Frequently asked questions

There is not enough funding to keep the school alive. Also giving money every month is not sustainable for a long future. According to government regulations, there must be a fence. In addition, extra toilets are needed, because the current toilets for girls and boys are not sufficient for such a large number of students. Personal hygiene for all 300 children must be guaranteed. Additional collection tanks must also be built for rainwater. This is to endure the long dry periods and to give the vegetable garden on the school grounds a good harvest.

The school is located in the village Pattoki Punjab, North East Pakistan.

Since 2018, the number of students at school has increased from 50 to 87 students. Schools in the area were closed. At present, it is the only school in the region that has been approved by the local government to educate local children. These are often children from poor families. Families who barely have enough money to make ends meet.

Do you want to take action with your school or club for better education? Or do you have a birthday or anniversary on which you would like to raise money for our project?

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for working together. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation

By becoming a corporate sponsor, you give a valuable interpretation to corporate social responsibility. With your support for better education, you give children the chance of a lifetime! By supporting this project you give children the chance to grow into independent adults full of self-confidence.

And your company will also benefit from this! Does your company help?

As a result, your donations are deductible on your income tax return. There is a threshold amount and a maximum for ordinary donations.

Board members receive no attendance fees and no compensation for actual costs incurred. It is the established policy of the Board that such expenses are personally borne by each Board Member.

The total project costs 45.000 euros.

Around 300 families can be helped with a new area learning community and 300 kids attend this school. In addition, there are a few extra teachers and the school is run by the couple Humaira Waqas and her husband. The children not only come from the village itself, but also from surrounding areas. At school they get lessons, uniform and a free daily meal. In this way, the school fulfills an important role in the lives of children now and in the future.

Support our children security for the future


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