South Africa

Empowering the Learning Community in South Africa

A Land of Diversity and Challenges

South Africa: A nation of contrasts

South Africa, with its rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes, is a beacon of diversity. However, beneath its vibrant facade lies a pressing challenge: the disparity in educational opportunities. Many communities still lack access to quality education, a gap we aim to bridge, fostering a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


Improvement of the Learning community


In a beautiful green location in South-Africa, we started a crèche in 2018. We built a playground, eco-toilets, a vegetable garden. We generated one year funding for nutrition supplementation and measurement for 57 kids.

But we felt we wanted to do more. Much more. That’s why we purchased 2 acres of land near Hoedspruit. There, we are positioned to serve a community of 27,000 people, 14,000 of whom are school age children.


Most kids don’t go to school in this region as it is not affordable to the limited working class.

With your help we support the community to provide in their basic needs. First and foremost, that is water. Food. Only after that, there is room to focus on education.

First and foremost, water and food to provide the basic needs for developing our community. Education is next.

With families sometimes going 2 or 3 days without clean water, we need to step up for the wonderful people who live in this community. Together we can ensure that the land is filled with opportunities. Like fresh water, a fruit and vegetable  garden,  a school and a church. 

Are you in? All donations big and small are welcome.





Solar Panels

Health material

Vegetable & fruit garden

Guardhouse and fence


Vitamins supplementation


But this is only the beginning. To start building on the land, we need to provide water first. We raised the funds to do so, and now it’s time for the next leap. A solar powered water pump, fence and a guard house to guard the pump and the fence from being stolen.

On completion on the above steps, we plan to build a vegetable garden to provide the community with food.

Thousands of people live in this community. The only people who will live on the land are those who will support on the land.

We provide water and sanitation for the people in the area. The local community supports the tourism industry in the area with all the international lodges providing work opportunities. Most of the people who are employed work for cleaning and services at these lodges. There are just few people who have jobs.

That makes it hard for people to provide for their families. Often 1 employed person has to provide for 7 family members on average. It’s hard for them to provide them with healthy food and education.

Healthy food is the basis for growing up a strong kid. With malnourishment, kids already are 10 steps behind in class due to bad concentration and fatigue.

Why your help is so important

A child who doesn’t need to worry about food and water at a young age can learn and develop. This opens a world of potential and opportunities for each child we can support and help. Learning to read, write and count, entering into friendships, developing relationships, taking care of their health and body. What they learn within the learning community or school is forever and cannot be taken away or stolen.

With your financial support, you will ensure improved development potential, education and health in Hoedspruit together on this journey. You can arrange this in a tax-efficient way by opting for a tax-free gift. 

Ask us how…


Frequently asked questions

Millions of children and young people worldwide receive no or no proper education. We work hard to change that in Bali, but we can’t do it without you. does your company or you help to give children the opportunity to develop?

Founders Frank & Marga were driven by the goal of supporting children who, due to a lack of money, have insufficient chance of good (further) education. Their initiative caught on and was appreciated at a high level. When the Indonesian government decided to make pre-school education compulsory, Frank and Marga were asked to help establish a pre-school in Pacung.

They formed a team with motivated, talented women and men from the area. This laid the foundation for internal teacher and parent training. Some of these early teachers still work in the – now fourteen-person – team that has been running the center independently since 2017.

The sustainable cooperation between the Balinese and Dutch Foundation partners has grown into a successful educational center in

Do you want to take action with your school or club for better education? Or do you have a birthday or anniversary on which you would like to raise money for our project?

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for working together. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation

By becoming a corporate sponsor, you give a valuable interpretation to corporate social responsibility. With your support for better education, you give children the chance of a lifetime! By supporting this project you give children the chance to grow into independent adults full of self-confidence.

And your company will also benefit from this! Does your company help?

As a result, your donations are deductible on your income tax return. There is a threshold amount and a maximum for ordinary donations.

Board members receive no attendance fees and no compensation for actual costs incurred. It is the established policy of the Board that such expenses are personally borne by each Board Member.

Support our children security for the future

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