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BOOST the vegetable garden

A vegetable garden is essential to create a self-sufficient environment and to allow the children to eat and drink healthy. Children learn to take care of the garden and so they are also more aware of nature. Nature is so important to these children because they do not learn from their parents how to deal with it. Among other things, we need to be able to grow the vegetable garden; water tanks, watering cans, gutters to collect water, garden tools and seeds.

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BOOST the playground

To help the children play and have fun, we also want to create cool playgrounds. What is a child without a playground? Every child has the right to play. But that is not self-evident for every child. Setting up a playground with a swing, wil, climbing frame and other attributes (balls, skipping rope, etc.) costs around 950 euros. Do you want these kids something cool? Donations are more than welcome.

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BOOST a creche

In general, the children are doing very well in the Netherlands. And how nice is it if we can share that with children who are less well off! In May 2019 was the opening of our first BOOST creche in South Africa, a fantastic project that we would like to share with children and young people in the Netherlands! Because are our children really aware of everything? How does the water come from the tap? Where does electricity come from? Is it normal that we can purchase electricity 24 hours a day? That we can drink from the tap? That we can normally go to the toilet? That we have English lessons?

We would like to ask your help to help the children between 1 and 5 years old in South Africa. The children in South Africa often have no money between 1 and 5 years old to go to school. And not going to school means; that they are mostly assured of a “poorer” future, street life, cannot speak English and therefore cannot go to “primary” and “secondary” school.

Because we think it is important to be transparent, all costs are neatly documented by us. Everything donated through companies, schools, children, youth and parents is directly invested in our projects. And the BOOST creche is our first project!