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Workshop for the lower primary school classes: “Play without stuff”

Education is primarily aimed at obtaining diplomas (preferably the highest diploma). BOOST The World Foundation focuses on intrinsic motivation. Our lectures and workshops are in line with the natural motivation of children to discover the world. During our sessions they don’t learn “for later,” but they learn what is later. In particular how they should deal with setbacks and an attack on their person through (online) bullying and demotivation through social peer pressure. We offer young people the foundation – with an emphasis on fun – for the most important step after their school life: a strong life in society.

During our lectures and workshops, children from 6 years up to and including 16 years of age receive lessons from enthusiastic professionals (volunteers) who enjoy their profession. On the one hand, the curriculum includes experts by experience of bullying and dealing with social peer pressure and, on the other hand, experienced coaches in this field. The interaction with these guest lecturers, from whom the young people can ask anything, is central. Boost The World Foundation is for children and young people of all school levels.

Our Young Leaders coaches give lectures and workshops to the lower classes to empower children. We see more and more that children become over-stimulated, are afraid of missing something, have trouble enjoying themselves without things and, above all, are busy comparing. Children in affluent countries experience more and more restlessness, less emotional connection, gratitude and equality. With a presentation and images about South Africa, we make the children aware of how good we are. We teach them in a playful way what it means to experience a lot of fun without any items.

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Creche South Africa 2018

Our first project starts with a future offering for children aged 1 to 5 in South Africa. Children who have no money, no materials, as we do in the Netherlands. Building a creche for an average of 70 children also offers immediate prospects for an entire community. Teachers are trained, parents can bring their child to school. The environment is becoming much more livable and the quality of life is improving. So building a school has a major impact on society! In order to make an extra impact – also here in the Netherlands – we want to involve our own Dutch children in this project. We all work together to build a brighter future. Because we believe in connection, we want to help Dutch children between the ages of 4 and 21 to empower themselves by giving lectures and organizing various workshops. We believe in a holistic approach and that starts in our own country

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BOOST the vegetable garden

A vegetable garden is essential to create a self-sufficient environment and to allow the children to eat and drink healthy. Children learn to take care of the garden and so they are also more aware of nature. Nature is so important to these children because they do not learn from their parents how to deal with it. Among other things, we need to be able to grow the vegetable garden; water tanks, watering cans, gutters to collect water, garden tools and seeds.