Our community

We have created a global network of youth heart-centered leaders under the age of 30, known as BOOST Young Leaders. The Young Leaders strive to improve themselves and the society around them. We are passionate about global issues, leadership and self development, sustainability, cultural understanding and entrepreneurship.

The organization is spread over 3 countries and is run by an international board. The ecovillages are built in developing countries, and the foundation is laid in South Africa.

The Leadership We Develop

In BOOST The World, we believe that young people are the key to a better future. With every experience we provide, we strive to develop heart-centered leaders with the following qualities:

Ownership: Having knowledge of personal qualities, living according to one’s own values ​​and constantly discovering one’s own passions, the ability to empower oneself, others and the planet, taking responsibility for one’s own happiness, health and wealth, powerful communication

Connection: being involved in meaningful conversations and creating a community so that together we can do something good for the world.

Freedom: Being flexible, willing to take risks and actively looking for solutions to existing problems come from compassion and authenticity.

Feeling Yourself a Citizen of the World: Be aware of world events and enjoy taking an active role to contribute to a better world for all.

Can you imagine a world where we make every young person enthusiastic about helping and help them develop the above qualities? We would like to see a brighter future for everyone. That’s why we do what we do.

How We Do That

We organize Masterminds where youngsters can actively participate in changing the world for the better, while developing the leadership qualities: Ownership, Connection, Freedom and Being a citizen of the world. 

Are you interested in our Masterminds?

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