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In October in 2022, we want to go to South Africa with a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 24. We do volunteer work together. The proceeds of the trip go to, among others maintenance of the BOOST school that we built there with the local people, the vegetable gardens, maintenance of the environment and wildlife conservation. Professional (volunteer) Young Leaders facilitators come from the Netherlands! The Young Leaders Expedition is a permanent project of the BOOST The World foundation. In addition to education in schools in the Netherlands, young people are committed to the world, society and themselves.

The foundation also depends on donors, so there is work to be done! In short, are you interested, and / or do you feel called to do something beautiful for yourself and for the world? Then do not hesitate to contact us!



Job description

Volunteering can be building houses through plastic bottles, building chicken coops, making greenhouses. The right project that will be done will be decided later (depending on the needs at the moment). If possible, schools will also be built. For example, we organize reading moments before and after school, games can be played with toddlers and primary school children.

How do I collect fundraising?

Fundraising is necessary for these expeditions. With your donated contributions ±2500 euros that you personally raise, we purchase the ticket, the accommodation (place to sleep), your food and drinks, but also some of the materials needed to build and improve the village and the BOOST learning community. By raising funds in advance, you can add value and contribute to improving the living conditions of the locals in their community.

“Words like wide, breathtaking and adventure describe the real value of the programs; a game changer in its market.”

Topics covered

live natural leadership

dare to choose and make decisions

dealing with circumstances

experience happiness from within

voluntary help in vegetable garden, cooking, building etc.

commitment to own growth and development

from victim to ownership


Every day you or in the group or 1 to 1 with your assigned Young Leaders facilitator you will have a nice conversation about life or your own life. During the week with the group we look at your pitfalls, the points you want to work on and together we ensure that you can be the best version of yourself. That you can live your true potential.

how you can fundraise

Firstly, as a participant in this expedition, you pay 2500 euros in advance of the trip. Then you go out with a package that you receive from us, in which a form is added and with that you go out and tell companies, your network why you think it is so important to come along.

In addition, we encourage you to organize additional fundraising activities (sponsorship, selling King’s Day stuff, selling bracelets, VAT). Additional fundraising activities are needed to raise enough money to recoup your 2500 euro deposit.

The proceeds of your fundraising actions will go to your project and are intended for preparatory work, for the purchase of building materials, to pay the wages of local workers, to rent the necessary machines and, if necessary, to continue the project after the expedition has ended. to finish.


Together with the group you arrive at the place of the project and you can stay with 2 people in a tent or hut. You eat together at a large table. You have private showers in a shared shower room.

TraveL guidance

Flight or by bus to Hoedspruit – transport to accommodation and daily to the shipyard. 

The itinerary with e-ticket is not sent before departure, but the flight times.

What is included?

Flight H / T, transport to project and daily to and from the yard, accommodation (accommodation, food) during the working days, insurance (accident, BA), administration and preparation.

What's not included?

Relaxation, unforeseen taxes and charges, travel documents, medication and vaccinations, accommodation, food and drink from restaurants at the airport and petrol stations en route, transport that is not covered by the general terms and conditions.
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