BOOST Recharge Workstations is an opportunity to invest in yourself. We organize workations of 2, 4 or 6 weeks for anyone who has the opportunity to work independently of place and who is ready for new energy. The workations are business-oriented, but everyone can decide for themselves how they want to use the time. You decide when you work, when you go out and there are enough options in the program to join group activities with the other professionals. We have several workations in Cape Town, Bali, Hawaii, Bonaire. We provide everything you need to live and work productively and comfortably. During a workation you will have the opportunity to expand and strengthen your international network. You will meet inspiring travelers and entrepreneurs who also combine work and travel, all with their own story, companies and projects. All with a passion for their business and a passion for travel. Every time something special happens in the group, simply because they all have the same motives.


Have you been working in the same place for years, in the same office? This eats energy. If you have the opportunity to break that routine and you can suddenly do the same work in other, new places, you will slowly feel passion and inspiration for the same work again. Then you can still do other things full of energy than Netflix…


Life is a beautiful journey to get back as close as possible to your authentic self. This will be the journey in which you will discover yourself, your talents and your true potential. A path that challenges you to be the best version of yourself, in which you create a life and company that you are looking for. We create an environment in which people can reconnect, grow and transform. So that they can live life in ultimate freedom and make an impact in this society.

Our mission is to make you the leader of your life. To give you insight into this, we will work physically (spotting wildlife, catching food, jumping a ditch, chopping wood, building a campfire, boat camping, etc.) and also mentally through coaching (in groups and individually and through lectures). The workations have been developed in line with the BOOST Academy of BOOST Experience and are led by our experienced BOOST coaches.


live natural leadership

dare to choose and make decisions

dealing with circumstances

experience happiness from within

voluntary help in vegetable garden, cooking, building etc.

commitment to own growth and development

from victim to ownership

What you'll learn

You learn to overcome fears in the wilderness, you learn to connect with yourself, nature and others. 

You will be confronted with your personal patterns, your comfort zones while you can enjoy the breathtaking nature observations and views. <

You can creatively look at life and your company again. 

You experience “space” for yourself and you can give space to others, because that creates creativity in your life and in your work.


Experiencing the spatial environment helps to better understand the game of life and the game of the business world. You will learn how important the fundamental rules of life, nature and the mysterious balance of our world are. From ‘space’ you create peace, overview, decisiveness, vision, creativity and focus. Discover your core quality, learn to charge yourself energetically, reflect and grow!


This word is often used. However, its true meaning becomes clear when you are in the mountains. Trust, respect, professionalism, dedication, preparation, execution and growth are only possible if you have the right team of people around you. A close-knit team is not what already exists, it is something you can create yourself. Learn the power of connection with yourself and others, you go faster on your own, you go much further together.


Flight to Hoedspruit – transport to accommodation and daily to the shipyard. The itinerary with e-ticket is not sent before departure, but the flight times.


This is the greatest strength of all. An authentic person is true to his or her own personality. Is himself, acts from his own motives and core values, is aware of what he or she wants and what he or she stands for. From there you can experience and share maximum love and the greatest gift you can give yourself, your family, your friends and the world.

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Lisa Pedersen


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