Rosanne van Zalingen, the founder of BOOST The World foundation, grew up in a bullying, disempowering and unhealthy school environment. Therefore, Rosanne started dreaming of a peaceful world, bringing compassion for all those lives, where as many children and youngsters as possible get the opportunity to live a conscious, happy, healthy and prosperous life; to be seen and to be heard. So they can take good care of themselves, the environment and the planet.

The only thing that can have a transformative effect is education, the development of humans. And that starts at the conception. Every child has the right to develop, unfortunately not every child has the opportunity to develop in an optimal environment. At BOOST The World foundation, we focus on human development. And we provide education through a holistic approach.

Our community was created from our shared vision to make the world a bit more beautiful for a new generation. We all believe that development and education from a holistic approach is the key to a fruitful future for people, animals and the planet. In collaboration with real ‘Change Makers’, partners, ‘Young Leaders’, sponsors and volunteers, we together ensure a bright future for global communities.


  • BOOST The World was founded in 2018. 
  • First Young Leaders Expedition to South Africa. 
  • First Young Leaders (Kyara, 18 years, and Sem, 12 years, then) were the first young leaders to travel to Africa and help with the building of the first BOOST creche for orphans (a.k.a. creché)
  • The Young Leaders Board was started. The first members were Sem & Declan.


  • In 2019, the first ecological daycare for 55 children in South Africa was opened. 
  • We started giving workshops at schools in the Netherlands, educating (future) Young Leaders about sustainability and how to become a heart-centered leader. We also gave the Young Leaders insights about whаt the lives of the kids in South Africa look like and what they can do as Young Leaders to change that for the better.


  • In 2020, the first group of young people, between 10 and 30 years old, went to South Africa on an expedition to help the local community there with their hands. 
  • The foundation was also laid for operating on a larger scale. Barrie van den Berg has been hired as director to be able to operate locally in South Africa and to manage the projects for the big goal of the foundation – building eco-conscious communities. 
  • Lora Zayn started as marketing coordinator and as mentor of students, teaching them how to be more confident in order to exhibit leadership in what they do and to contribute to the world from a young age. 
  • In October, we started with an educational Mastermind group of 10 students, together making a big plan on how to create even more heart-centered leaders within the next generation.
  • We started to support, fund & mentoring a school in Pakistan.


  • Covid-19 infected the whole planet, also our foundation and projects. We have worked 1 year long to connect with other NGOs, investors, etc. and many volunteers stopped to take care of their own. 
  • Barrie and Rosanne kept going to work on the higher mission and created a project plan for the long term.
  • We worked on a new sustainable model for the future of the learning communities.
  • we still supported the Pakistan school.


  • The second expedition with 20 people between 9 months and 40 years was successful.
  • We bought 2 hectares of land in South Africa to build our first learning community.
  • Declan has been an intern in South Africa.
  • He assists a new group of tree students for an expedition of 9 weeks with the South Africa team.
  • Rebranding of website & the foundation.

Some results

  • Building a creche in South Africa for children between 1 – 5 years
  • 40+ coached & empowered Young Leaders in the Netherlands
  • Organized 3 volunteering expeditions to South Africa
  • Funded, supported & mentored school project Pakistan for 2 years
  • Created together with boostkids community, new education for schools
  • Created new sustainable business model for communities around the globe
  • Bought 2 hectare land in South Africa
  • Cooperations with dutch high-schools to manage & empower internships
  • building meditation centre in South Africa
  • Planting fruit trees for local communities

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