Background heart-centered leadership

The development of self-love and love for others is gradual. In our society we have been taught for centuries that life is bound by all kinds of conditions, requirements or demands. Thus, we think that certain outer circumstances are necessary for love to flow out of us. We think our love depends on what other people say, do, or are. But in reality, love does not care about outer circumstances and is not bound by requirements.

Love is the greatest force in the universe, and the source of our personal love energy lies in our hearts. Most people in Europe have a mentality that is heavily influenced by the mind. In other cultures there are people we can take as an example. Those people probably wouldn’t call themselves spiritual directly, but they live from their hearts. Living from the heart is characteristic of spirituality.

The fact that we live here in so-called civilized countries does not mean that there is nothing left for us to learn. We call certain countries “less civilized” because they happen to have less good material infrastructure than the Western countries does, but in some the consciousness of the population is more advanced than ours. So we say we are “less civilized conscious”. The inhabitants of those countries may not have theories or jargon for spirituality, but they are just putting it into practice. So we can learn from each other in this area too. Nobody is further or better than (that is the ego part of the game).

We have been taught that we must let love depend on expectations and outer circumstances. This means that it is a step-by-step process for each of us to learn how to radiate love without depending on gross or subtle circumstances. True love is called “unconditional love.” Many people only know conditional love: “I have loved you for so long …” and so on. But unconditional love doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what kind of job you have, where you live, or how old you are. Love doesn’t think like that. Our minds think so.

Unconditional love is a quality of the soul that gradually opens up again during the development of the soul. Unconditional love is always there, only we are taught not to listen to it.

We all have the task of clearing out unworkable patterns and conditioning that we have learned, adopted in our upbringing and schooling, in society or even past lives. The goal is that we eventually become love again, because love is our eternal nature. We can take the time and relax and break through our patterns. Our vibration rises when we connect with our heart.

You can increase your vibration in various ways, especially by going with the flow of learning processes that are taking place in your life at this moment without resistance. Nature has arranged it so that the most important things in our lives are straightforward and just happen. When we come from a being of trust in the universe. Everything will be lighter and easier.

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    Lisa Pedersen


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