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This is everything about me

My name is Romeo Hoes, I’m a Student at Curio.

I study at Curio, software development. I enjoy coding and want to become better at it. it is something I am very passionate about and hope one day to make my career out of making video games.

What is random?


A Little About Me

I love watching anime, It's one of my biggest hobbies and what i spend most of my time doing. I also love to travel and would like to move to japan at some point in my life.


Man, there’s just something about Japan that’s got me hooked. From anime to cherry blossoms, bustling Tokyo streets to quiet tea ceremonies, I’m all in. Even though I’ve never actually been there, it feels like I know it – and love it – from a distance. Can’t wait for the day I can wander its alleyways, eat ramen from a local shop, and maybe even call it home. Dream big, right?


Lisa Pedersen


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